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Link to Limerick Forest 1940-2010Limerick Forest  1940-2010 (10 MB)




Link to Limerick Forest Long Range Management PlanLimerick Forest Long Range Management Plan (1.8 MB)




Link to Limerick Forest Twenty Year management Plan 2007-2027Limerick Forest Twenty Year Forest Management Plan 2007 - 2027 (17 MB)




Link to The Friends of Limerick Forest Terms of Refernce 2008The Friends of Limerick Forest - Terms of Reference 2008 (272 KB)




Link to The History of Limerick Forest Advisory CommiteeThe History of the Limerick Forest Advisory Committee (LFAC) - The Spirit of a
Community Forest - March 2006
(3 MB)




Link to Tourism and Recreational Development Study for Limerick Forest

Tourism and Recreational Development Study for Limerick Forest - August 2006 (2 MB)




Links to Useful Resources


Forest Certification Policies and Procedures Manual For Private Woodlot Owners, Community Forests, and Small Wood Processors within the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Forest Region - Eastern Ontario Model Forest 2007

Ontario's Best Trails - Guidelines and Best Management Practices for the Design, Construction and Maintenance of Sustainable Trails for All Ontarians - Trails For All Ontarians Collaborative - 2006

OntarioTrails Strategy - Ministry of Health Promotion 2005

Limerick Forest High Conservation Value Forest Report (HCVF) - Please contact the Forest Manager for a copy of the Forest Management Plan summary and HCVF report and review.


Links to Emerald Ash Border Information

United Counties of Leeds and Grenville Press Release - Aug 3, 2010

United Counties of Leeds & Grenville Press Release - Aug 4, 2010

Don't Move Firewood Poster - CFIA

Don't Move Firewood Flyer - CFIA

Emerald Ash Borer Fact Sheet - Natural Resources Canada

EAB Pest Alert - Information for Woodlot Owners - Regional Forest Health Network

When Invasive Species Threaten Your Woodlot - MNR

Landowners Guide to Woodlots Threatened by EAB - MNR

TreeAzin - Natural Resources Canada